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Team Building Activities for Small Businesses


Team building activities help strengthen bonds between co-workers by promoting collaboration and communication skills. That leads to better productivity and more creative solutions. Here are eight team-building ideas for small businesses to bring out the best in your staff members and create a cohesive workforce:

1. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are an exciting way for your team to think outside the box. To escape from the room, your team needs to work together and communicate effectively to solve puzzles and unlock clues. These rooms usually have a time limit that adds an extra layer of pressure and encourages your team to brainstorm solutions quickly. That can cultivate problem-solving skills and deepen team relationships. Your staff will be better equipped to overcome challenges in the workplace.

2. Scavenger Hunts

Team building activities like scavenger hunts get people out of their comfort zones. Put your employees’ analytical skills to the test by having them search for items in a specific location. These items could be related to the company or something more abstract. To make it competitive, divide people into teams and have a prize waiting for the group that finds all the items first. You could have the scavenger hunt organized by a third party to make it even more mysterious.

3. Office Trivia

Office trivia is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly team-building activity. Divide your staff into groups and compile questions that test their knowledge of the company, its products, and even the team itself. You could also choose questions outside work and focus on topics like TV shows, music, sports, etc. As they discuss the questions, your team will learn more about each other and develop better communication skills. Consider grouping people who don’t usually work together to broaden their perspectives.

4. Charitable Projects

Team building through charity has become popular in recent years. It’s a win-win situation since your employees benefit from developing their teamwork skills while helping a worthy cause. Let your team spend some time at an animal shelter, beach cleanup, soup kitchen, or any other charitable organization and complete tasks together. You’ll be helping improve your team’s morale while doing something good for the community. As a bonus, this activity can increase your company’s reputation.

5. Minefield

Trust and communication are essential components of any team, and you can develop them with a game like a minefield. Gather objects from around the office and arrange them on the floor in a pattern to create a “minefield.” Split your team into pairs and give one partner a blindfold. The other partner (the navigator) will guide the blindfolded person through the minefield using verbal instructions only. The blindfolded person will learn the importance of trust while the navigator hones their communication skills.

6. Hiking and Camping

Head outdoors and explore nature with a hiking or camping trip. These activities promote bonding between team members and help them view each other in a more relaxed setting. The exercise and fresh air will also be a nice break from the typical office routine. The location could be a nearby park or even a campsite farther away, giving your team more time to get to know each other and work on their relationships. If activities like canoeing or kayaking are available at the destination, they could offer a fun team activity as well.

7. Board Games

Board games allow employees to bond and have fun. Organize a game night for your staff at the office and provide snacks. Choose entertaining board games that will inspire collaboration and friendly competition. Monopoly, Scrabble, and Pictionary are some popular favorites. Inviting their family members could also make this a more social event. That way, you can show your company values the team’s relationships inside and outside work.

8. Team Olympics

Organize olympics to bring out the competitive spirit of your team. Have various activities that require a mix of physical and mental skills, such as an egg and spoon race, a balancing act, or a memory test. Give rewards to the winners, like movie tickets or gift vouchers. That will encourage participation and allow everyone to test their abilities in different areas. It’s an ideal activity for keeping morale high because team members will cheer each other on and have fun together.

Embrace Team Building Activities for a Better Workforce

Collaboration, communication, creative problem-solving skills, and trust are all part of company success. With these team-building activities, you can help your employees develop those skills while having fun together. Whether you choose a scavenger hunt, an outdoor activity, or something else, your team will benefit from the experience and create lasting relationships that will benefit your business.

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