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Know Why You Should Personalize Your Fingerboard?


Do you belong to the skateboarding community? I am sure you must love to collect miniature skateboards. But do you know? These small skateboards or fingerboards are not merely a toy; it has become whole new professional fashion play!

Each year multiple finger-boarding tournaments are organized worldwide, specifically in the USA. But to compete in these tournaments, it’s essential to have a competitive & professional fingerboard that reflects your personality and supports you throughout the fingerboard. But why? Let’s delve deep into this write-up and find the answer to all your burning questions.

Why Customized Fingerboard?

If you wish to perform the fingerboard techniques correctly, you need to have the right build, material, and size of the fingerboard. Ideally, miniature skateboards have a standard size, but you can opt for 3.9 inches long & 1 – 1.3 inches-wide designs with a scale ratio of 1:8 as well.

There are multiple ways to have a custom fingerboard. You can apply a picture, print a specific design, write down a quote, or customize other parts of the fingerboard. For example, you can paint your premium fingerboard deck with your favorite color or replace the fingerboard with a wooden or plastic structure. You can also have premium fingerboard trucks that interchange. And if we talk about the overall design, you can personalize it as your choice!

The reason behind personalizing is quite simple and it will reflect your passion for finger-boarding and help you stand out.

Parameters to Consider While Purchasing a Fingerboard

But before starting with the personalizing guide, let us first spot some light on parameters you should consider while buying a custom fingerboard.


Most fingerboards are made with plastic and wood, which is known to be a solid structure. Plastic fingerboards are considered a standard material, which only supports certain tricks, but a wooden fingerboard is known to be a premium board. The plywood used in a 5-layer solid wooden surface provides enough grip and strength to stabilize the fingerboard. However, ensure that you get hands-on premium fingerboard wheels or decks for durability.

Deck Concave

Deck concave is a “steepness & curves fingerboard has from the center.” Concave is used to control fingerboards; we recommend you opt for high concave if you are a beginner. While purchasing a fingerboard, you can either go for ‘low slope concave or high slope concave. Ensure you make the appropriate choice, as this factor will affect the tricks you will perform.

Otherwise, you can customize the fingerboard with different techniques to stand out among all.

Pro Tips to Customize

  • The best way to customize the fingerboard truck is to paint it with different colors. If you don’t feel like painting them, you can customize the fingerboard online with “obsiusfb” and get it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Two size fingerboard decks are available in the market – 32mm and 34mm. Whatever size feels comfortable on your finger, you can go for that.
  • Another best way to get your fingerboard personalized is to design your pro fingerboard deck with a heated source.
  • Next, the best way to customize your fingerboard in the most versatile way is to paint the screws & bolts with a contrasting color to your premium fingerboard truck.
  • If you wish to go beyond painting, you can change the display of the fingerboard and apply an attractive picture on the front side of the fingerboard.
  • That’s not all, and you can choose different grip tape per your image or the color of your fingerboard.


We hope our article was informative enough to guide you on “why you should personalize your fingerboard,” what the parameters you should consider while purchasing a fingerboard are, and a brief guide to customizing your board.

Next time before you hit the tracks, don’t forget to review these tips and stand out by highlighting eye-catching details.

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