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Artificial Turf Considerations for a Day Care or Preschool


The best childcare facilities have a clean and safe place where children can play outdoors. Many daycares and preschools choose to install artificial grass. A lawn requires a lot of maintenance and has hazards like mud, rocks, and bugs. Artificial turf supply is an alternate way to landscape your garden. Here are some benefits to consider about installing turf for your daycare or preschool:

1. Safety and Comfort

Those that work with children know how common scrapes and bruises can be. Many play areas have a playground or equipment that children can jump from. The firm ground beneath natural grass may not absorb the impact of a fall. When designing a playground, you will want to create it in a way that protects kids from the risks of falling.

Grass or natural landscaping can also be problematic for children with allergies. Natural grass can also be rough or have rocks, which may lead to scraped knees. Such hazards may discourage some kids from participating in outdoor activities.

Installing artificial turf is one way to address these concerns. Its softness means that children can participate in different games with minimal risk of injury. It is free of common allergens such as grass, pollen, and weeds.

If properly installed, it will drain rainwater and melted snow. Good drainage can keep the play area dry. Children can then play outside after rain without soaking their clothes. The turf also won’t ruin their clothes with mud or grass stains.

2. Long-lasting

Another factor to consider when installing artificial grass is how long artificial turf lasts. Play areas at daycare or preschools see large amounts of traffic. Natural grass or mulch can wear down over time due to rain, snow, sun, or frequent use. Artificial turf is made out of durable materials resistant to weathering.

Pile density and fiber thickness are factors you should consider before installation. Artificial grass made out of nylon fibers will be strong and resilient. Synthetic grass made out of such materials can last for many years when properly cared for.

3. Appearance 

Those that live in regions with hot summers or cold winters know that lawns often go brown. Rainfall can also make gardens look muddy. Artificial turf looks green and lush year-round. A green garden can improve the appearance of your facility year-round.

The appearance of your play area can be customized to your specifications during installation. The installer can easily place turf around existing structures like play equipment. Daycare play areas may have an unusual layout depending on the facilities. Artificial turf can be cut to fit areas with unusual or unique.

4. The Mode of Installation

Selecting a professional artificial turf installer will be your first step. Carefully research providers in your area. Skilled installers will understand the various factors that can impact the effectiveness of your synthetic lawn. Installation methods differ based on circumstances.

The methods used to install artificial turf on concrete differ from those applied when replacing natural grass. The installer should examine the area where the turf will be installed and ask questions about how the site will be used. Do not use a company that skips these steps. When installing artificial turf supply on concrete, you must put foam first. It helps lessen the impact of the risks associated with trips and falls.

Choose a reliable manufacturer when installing artificial turf on your children’s playground. Areas where children play, should use quality turf that is free from harmful chemicals. Ask your supplier about the materials and installation process. Your chances of getting high-quality and safe turf are much higher if you buy artificial grass from a reputable supplier.

Select the Best Artificial Turf Supply

When building or renovating children’s playgrounds, the safety of children should be your biggest priority. Covering the ground with artificial grass is one way that may enhance the security of your daycare or preschool’s outdoor play area. When you select an artificial turf supply company, remember the benefits of artificial grass. The mode of installation will impact the type of company you choose. Other factors to remember include the type of turf, the frequency of use, and the risk of falling.

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