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6epeople login: Guide To Know About 6epeople.goindigo.in


The significance of flying is growing in the modern society. It’s the fastest method to go around the world. Consequently, the 6epeople login platform was created in order to instruct the pilot. This post will go over all there is to know about the 6epeople training platform, including its features, advantages, login instructions, problems that elms have encountered, and how to fix them. So check in to learn everything there is to know about it.

Know About 6epeople login

6epeople login is a Goindigo.in subdomain. The IPv4 address is associated with the hostname. The website is hosted on servers located in India and is operated with the “SuccessFactors” webserver software.

Steps to Login 6epeople Login

Assuming you have previously created an account on the IndiGo website, I will walk you through the steps of logging into my6eworld.goindigo.in. Before continuing, if you haven’t already registered, kindly do so. To access your IndiGo account, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to 6epeople.goindigo.in, the official IndiGo website, by opening your web browser.
  • Step 2: Find and click the “6E Account” or “Login” button on the homepage. Typically, this button is found in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Step 3: After that, you’ll be sent to the login screen. As an alternative, you can open your browser and type the following URL to get straight to the login page: this URL
  • Step 4: There are two fields on the login page: “Password” and “Username.”
  • Step 5: Enter the username associated with your IndiGo account in the “Username” section. Be sure you typed your username correctly because it is case-sensitive.
  • Step 6: You’ve filled up the “Password” form with your password. Moreover, take care while choosing capital or lowercase letters for a password since it matters.
  • Step 7: Click “Login” or “Sign In” to continue after providing your username and password.
  • Step 8: You should be able to access your IndiGo account if the login information you provided is accurate. You will most likely see your unique landing page or your account dashboard.

Advantage of 6epeople login

Given below are the benefits of using elms:-

  • Training courses may now be delivered via customized mobile devices, allowing for instant feedback, performance monitoring, and attendance tracking—even when traveling. 
  • Online tests and assessments were used to raise the skill metrics of the staff members. 
  • Through automatic compliance reports generated by the Business Intelligence (BI) platform, staff members were alerted of required and mandatory training sessions.
  • Online training recipients received timely reminders to their mobile devices regarding upcoming refreshers, completed training, necessary training, and more. 
  • Establishing a strong training function is necessary to meet the ever-evolving needs of the aviation industry. 6ELMS operated as a unified, integrated e-learning platform to deliver regulatory compliance training and offer novel training methodologies for new users. 
  • The user-friendly interface of the current LMS met the needs of several training industries.  
  • Personal growth was linked to learning KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that maintained the overall standard of training delivery.
  • Automated training delivery To reduce the severity of errors, assessments, and comments were utilized. 
  • ELMS improved overall workplace efficiency by enabling training to reach a larger number of persons in a more accessible manner. 
  • Soft skills, airline services, cabin crew maintenance, grammar, and other subjects were covered in a range of training sessions that lasted for more than a year. 

Challenges Faced by Elms Platform

The few difficulties that Elms Platform has encountered are listed below:

  • Given that moving to a paperless workplace is becoming more and more necessary, it was imperative to put in place a robust training platform that allows staff members to learn at their own pace and convenience.
  • Another challenge was coming up with the best mix of training methods that would reduce the total time needed to fix problems and errors.
  • It was necessary to train a varied workforce, encompassing those in support areas such as HR and IT as well as those involved in operations, such as ground crew and aircraft maintenance teams.
  • Moving enormous volumes of unique data on needed training, completed training modules, upcoming training, and other subjects was another challenge. 

Solution by 6epeople login Platform 

Given below are the few Solutions by 6epeople login platform:-

  • Online training delivered through my 6epeople, which featured online tests, reports, and refreshers among other things, strengthened the Go Green initiative. 
  • Furthermore, it made it easier to give mobile training using tablets and smartphones, allowing employees to learn whenever and wherever they choose. 
  • The seamless integration of 6epeople with AIMS (Airplane Information Management System) and ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) improved the efficiency of the system overall and simplified the data conversion procedure.
  • The deployment functioned as a consolidated training platform that attended to the pertinent learning needs of the diverse workforce in the aviation industry.
  • The powerful e-learning platform was modified to accommodate a workforce dispersed across many countries and their changing training needs.
  • The system’s overall speed increased since it was the only system with fewer user accounts and around 20 admin accounts. 

Is 6epeople.goindigo.in Program a frequent flier program? 

The 6epeople.goindigo.in Program is a rewards scheme linked to a co-branded card; members can use their co-branded card to make purchases on IndiGo and other merchants to accrue 6E Rewards, which can then be redeemed for benefits including IndiGo flights. This scheme differs from frequent flyer programs.


GoIndigo is your entry point to the 6epeople login, providing first-rate comfort, convenience, and services for all of your travel needs. GoIndigo stands out as a top option for tourists looking for an amazing travel experience because of its emphasis on customer happiness, vast route network, and dedication to sustainability and safety. Take off on your next excursion with GoIndigo and reach new heights in your travels.

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